Exciting Career Opportunity – Finance Manager (Bookkeeper)

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The London Muslim Mosque is seeking an ambitious and competent Finance Manager to join our team and serve our growing community. If you are looking for a challenging role where your skills will grow each month, please read on to learn more!

Key Responsibilities

The Finance Manager reports directly to the Treasurer of the Board of Directors, and will be responsible for the following broad duties:

  • Managing accounts receivable processes
  • Managing accounts payable processes
  • Managing expenditure control
  • Managing banking deposits and reconciliations
  • Processing monthly payroll and completing payroll entries
  • Managing financial reporting and analysis
  • Managing audit and assurance requirements
  • Developing and managing financial controls and procedures
  • Educating staff and committees on financial procedures
  • Overseeing budgeting and financial planning
  • Issuing charitable tax receipts


Your Profile

  • You appreciate the finer things in life, like custom reporting
  • You can use one hand without the other hand knowing
  • Accuracy is your middle name
  • You believe that if there are rules to a game, they must be followed
  • You’re not afraid of learning new software
  • You love identifying problems and finding solutions for them
  • You’re a solid team player
  • You know how to prioritize your tasks and work independently


If these attributes describe you, check out the performance profile to see what objectives you will be expected to achieve!

Performance Profile

Your performance will be measured based on key deliverables and timelines. If you have what it takes to achieve the following objectives on time, then we want to hear from you!

First Week
  • Familiarize yourself with…
    • Key contact information
    • Ramadan work schedule
    • QuickBooks and your email
    • The locations of different types of records
    • Handling income in an accurate manner
Two Weeks
  • Learn how to…
    • Prepare deposits
    • Record income
    • Pay bills
  • Familiarize yourself with…
    • EFT software
    • Payroll system
    • Online banking tools
One Month
  • Successfully process…
    • EFT withdrawals
    • Payroll
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Monthly reports
    • Bank transfers
  • Familiarize yourself with…
    • Annual audit requirements
    • Requirements at fundraising events
Two Months
  • Accurately account for fundraising events
  • Prepare for annual audit by…
    • Liaising with departments and obtaining key audit information
    • Performing all year-end accounting duties
    • Scheduling week for on-site auditors
  • Familiarize yourself with…
    • fixed assets and inventory
Six Months
  • Successfully complete your first financial audit
  • Work with departments and develop…
    • an inventory management system
    • a fixed asset management system
  • Familiarize yourself with…
    • Audit improvement opportunities
    • The issuance of charitable tax receipts
    • Expenditure control
    • Operating and capital budgets
One Year
  • Successfully issue charitable tax receipts on time
  • Work with departments and prepare organizational budgets
  • Develop finance-related training plans and procedures for all departments
  • Recommend solutions for improving expenditure control
Beyond One Year
  • Work towards mastering the CPA Technical Competencies relevant to the London Muslim Mosque


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