All Prayers are Socially Distanced

Guidelines for all prayers which include:

-Only those who can wear masks

-Bring your own mask and prayer mat

-No children under 12 will be allowed in the prayer halls

-Please don't attend if you are experiencing any flu like symptoms

-Shorten your stay in the prayer halls and pray sunnah at home

-Doors will open half an hour before Jumaa and only 15 minutes before daily prayers


Official App for Prayer timings - Apple | Android

January - Adhan | Iqama

February - Adhan | Iqama

March - Adhan | Iqama

April - Adhan | Iqama

May - Adhan | Iqama

June - Adhan | Iqama

July - Adhan | Iqama

August - Adhan | Iqama

September - Adhan | Iqama

October - Adhan | Iqama

November - Adhan | Iqama

December - Adhan | Iqama