Imam Abd Fatah Twakkal

Imam Abd Alfatah Twakkal was born and raised in Calgary, Canada. He has a BA in Religious Studies, a BSc in Zoology, and a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies. He came to London, Ontario with his family in October of 2013 and has been serving as the Imam of the London Muslim Mosque ever since.


Imam Twakkal:

Established a media presence by publishing articles; appearing on radio shows, news outlets, as a guest speaker; etc.


  • Also was interviewed by LFP numerous times regarding various local issues within the community






  • He is involve with the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (MRCSSI)
    • have worked directly with MRC numerous times with various clients in a consultative capacity (met with several clients at MRC for counselling purposes, esp. on religious matters, but also family and social matters)
    • supported MRC projects (ex. Reclaim Honour) and was involved in awareness campaigns for such projects (through Friday prayers speeches, attending workshops, making video endorsements, etc.)
    • partnered with MRC in attending community outreach initiatives related to family violence (ex. London Family Court Clinic and High Conflict Forum – Feb. 2015)


  • Represented the Muslim community in relations with other faith groups, minority communities, media outlets,  academic institutions, City Hall, etc.
    • participated in several interfaith panels (St. John the Divine Church: Prayer in the Abrahamic Traditions – March 2014; Interfaith Symposium on Medically Assisted Dying – Huron University College – June 2016 [];


  • Was part of the Religion and Resistance Against Oppression – Huron University College – March 2017)
    • guest lectured several times at UWO and King’s College (Islam and Gender class – King’s College, February 2017; Introduction to Islam for Sociology class – January 2017)
    • worked with Sisters of St. Joseph Hospice to organize and deliver presentation on Islamic beliefs in death, funerals and the afterlife (October/November 2014) and participated in video for Hospice (
    • hosted many faith groups, churches, schools, university classes at LMM for visitations


  • Engage with other faith groups and other minority communities by way of programs, committees, conferences, and open discussion sessions on a local and provincial level
    • participated in 2 day conferences/workshops meant for helping youth, resiliency and radicalization (Wisdom2Action Conference: Children and Youth In Challenging Contexts -Calgary, March 2015)
    • participated in 3 day workshop held by RCMP on preventing radicalization catered for Imams (CTIO Workshop – Toronto, March 2017); attended follow-up meetings based on workshop (April, May 2017)
    • attended Seeds of Change launch and workshop for Immigrants/Refugee toolkit
    • was involved with Literacy Link South Central in making a multicultural video on adult litercy in London and surrounding counties (September to November 2014)
    • attended NE Basic Needs group meetings to assess food needs and programs available for needy Londoners to get free meals
    • co-facilitated and presented a workshop with Dan Oudshoorn of Mission Services at Camp Kenesserie on Oppression to attendees at Cahoots Festival Retreat [Christian group] (June 2017)
    • attended Open Meeting for Sponsoring Refugees in collaboration with the Mayor’s office, mosques, churches and other community groups (September 2015)
    • worked with Cross Cultural Learner’s Centre in welcoming Syrian refugees as well as acted as consultant with them for some of their clientele (September 2015 onwards)


  • Develop and implement plans to integrate our Muslim community with the larger London community 
    • helped to organize the first London Police Service Diversity Symposium at the London Muslim Mosque with LPS Diversity officer Marcel Marcellin (April - May 2014)
    • worked with Men’s Mission downtown to give access to spiritual care (religious counselling) for people experiencing homelessness and poverty at the Mission, or any patron interested in speaking with an Imam (from October 2016 onwards)
    • Establish and maintain relationships with other agencies and organizations, schools, universities, colleges, hospitals, etc. to help facilitate work activities
    • have attended meetings on a regular basis with other faith leaders for the Thames Valley District School Board
    • have met with members of London District Catholic School Board to discuss approaches to new health education curriculum (July 2015)
    • have met multiple times with Children’s Aid Society (along with MRC) to assist community members dealing with CAS cases
    • currently in the process of registering as a chaplain to visit the Eglin Middlesex Detention Centre in London (May 2017 to present)
    • connected with local youth detention centre to visit convert (June 2017)
    • worked/met with King’s College Centre for Catholic Jewish Muslim Studies for series of community events (Veritas Faith Lecture Series, Peace Camp) and on Interfaith Advisory Committee (April 2017 to present)