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New Muslim Family Meet Up

For the first time, the London Muslim Mosque offers the Diploma of Essential Islamic Knowledge. This program aims to satisfy the needs of reverts and new Muslims who are eager to learn more about their new life and smoothen their journey of faith. 

The New Muslim Family Meet Up is an enriching event designed to provide new Muslims with a warm and supportive environment to learn, grow, and build lasting connections. In this six-month program, you are going to focus on studying the basics of Islam, more specifically:


A course tailored for new Muslims to learn the simple rules and important Islamic guidelines in all aspects of life, including Aqeeda and Fiqh.

QUR’AN 101:

A circle that will increase your connection to the Qur’an. Also, it helps to build your confidence to recite and memorize selected chapters in our Holy Book.


An introductory course designed for non-Arabic speaking to learn how to read and write in Arabic step by step. Also, to study the basic Arabic grammar.


A Focus Group discussion on gaining spiritual purification by tackling the diseases of the heart, discussing the causes and suggesting remedies, aiming to strengthen our personality and tackle any negative feelings.

This program is a biweekly gathering, on the first and third Saturday of the month, for your entire family, as we are planning activities for your children running simultaneously. Your spouse is welcome. Lunch provided. More information is on the poster. This program is offered at no charge. However, registration and commitment is required. Please follow this link to register: 

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Fiqh Essentials

Saturdays after Maghrib, there will be a lecture for Fiqh followed by Q&A .

Lecturer: Imam Mohamed Al Jammali

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Daily Khatera 

After Isha, there will be a khatera

Lecturer:    Imam Mohamed Al Jammali



Quran Tafseer

From Tuesday to Saturday, after Fajir.

Lecturer: Imam Mohamed Al Jammali

Explanation of Muktasar Sahih Muslim

Second and fourth Tuesday of every month after Maghrib (After Imam Mohamed Al Jammali Khatera)

Lecturer: Dr.Ahmed ElKordy

Qur'an Lovers

Starting August 9th

Learn how to:

  • Perfect your Tajweed 

  • Memorize Surat Al-Kahf. 

  • Increase your love for the Qur’an

  • Relate the stories of the Qur’an 

  • Study ABC of Qur’an Sciences 

  • Learn how to Live with the Qur’an

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur'an will be with the honourable and obedient scribes (angels)” Be one of them.

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