Getting Married At LMM

Getting married is three steps

1) City of London: Obtain a Marriage License from the City of London.

2) Imam: Imam conducts the marriage and signs the Marriage License.

3) Service Ontario: Imam mails the signed Marriage License to Service Ontario, where it is officially registered.

Obtaining a Marriage License

To obtain a marriage license, please click here. Ensure Part 1 and Part 2 of the license are correctly filled out.

Bring the marriage license within 90 days of it being issued to the mosque for the Nikah ceremony.

Booking for Marriage Ceremony

Please Click Here or contact

Service Fees

  • Marriage Officiating Fees(in-town marriages, out of town milage fees will be added)

  • Administration Fees Imam's Office & Lobby


  • Prayer Hall Booking


  • GYM Booking


If you have any questions, please contact:

Islamic Marriage Requirements

  • Bride
  • Bride’s Islamic guardian (wali)
  • Groom
  • Two witnesses
  • Marriage License


Logistics for the Marriage Ceremony

The location of the marriage ceremony is the Imam's office. You can reserve the GYM or the masjid prayer hall for an additional fee. Please arrive in time for the marriage, not earlier or later.