Policy Statement Volunteers


Ensuring the safety of volunteers and the individuals they interact with at London Muslim Mosque is a top priority. London Muslim Mosque appreciates the significant value added by volunteers and must ensure that volunteers understand their roles and responsibilities at the organization.


At a minimum, all departments that utilize volunteers must ensure that all volunteers:

  • Present a Vulnerable Police Record Check.

             o A police record check that reports an infraction by an individual does not automatically mean the individual cannot volunteer. The key leader for the department (Principal, Imam, or Operations Manager) must review any police record checks that reports an infraction and determine if it precludes the individual volunteering in the intended capacity in consultation with the Board Chair

  • Complete training in Occupational Health and Safety aligned to the work that they are performing. This includes a review of all appropriate Occupational Health and Safety policies pertinent to the volunteer role

  • Review and agree to abide with all relevant policy statements and policies relevant to the work that they are performing

  • Complete role/program-specific orientation/training as appropriate

  • All Committee volunteers will serve for a maximum of six years. After one year off, they are able to return to the same Committee volunteer position, should they wish.