Quran Hifth Program


Assalamu Alaikum  السلام عليكم


QHP classes are currently being offered in, 2-days, and 4-days halaqas .

2-day program classes Mondays & Thursdays 5:00 to 6:30 OR  6:30 to 8:00
2-day program classes Tuesdays & Fridays 5:00 to 6:30   OR 6:30 to 8:00

  All 4-day program classes are scheduled. (from Monday to Thursday)

We also have halaqas, classes running in multiple satellite location  

1- North YMCA 

2 - The Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario (ICSWO)

3- Also several Islamic halaqas: have a comprehensive list of our programs can be found here


Registration to our programs can be done by submitting:   a completed:  registration form along  with a void cheque .

then to be emailed to:     quranhifth@londonmosque.ca


Jazakum Allah Khair    جزاك الله خير


Quran memorization and Arabic classes

* Qur'an Hifth Program, is a program offered at  London Muslim Mosque, provides Qur'an,  Arabic and Islam classes,

to children, women, and men. For more details about the classes offered, contact us: by email: 

WhatsApp (519) 933-4924 * LMM (519) 439-9451 ext. 228
*  Lotfullah Khan (226) 980-9409 * Barakat Misk (519) 318-6506

                        use this Quran Hifth Program New Student Registration Form

* Y ou are more than welcome to come and observe the Halaqa at oxford mosque.

* To join QHP on  WhatsApp list,  click here.  and send a message with your full name. 

* This list will be used to make announcements, and updates regarding the QHP program.

or canceled classes  

The following documents are required:    Void Cheque OR  letter from the bank

 * Please submit the completed application form and/or a picture of your bank information by:

e-mail:  quranhifth@londonmosque.ca 

OR  in person at LMM library in  London Muslim Mosque during QHP's office hours:

                                                                                                                 Programs Currently Run by QHP 

A  comprehensive  list  of  our  programs


2-Day Qur’an Halaqa

Qur'an Reading Halaqa

 Women  Women Tajweed Halaqa
University Girls’ Halaqa
4-Days Memorization Halaqa for Women
2-Days Memorization Halaqa for Women
Ladies Qur’an Reading Class for Arabic Speakers
Ladies Qur’an Reading Class for English Speakers
Non-Arabic Speaking Sisters Halaqa

Men's Tajweed Halaqa


Salah and Athkar Program

The Prophets of Allah Halaqa

Read & Ascend (Iqra' Wartaqi)

Intensive 4-Days Qur’an Halaqa

The Bidaya Halaqa

4-days Bidaya Halaqa

The New Bidaya Halaqa

QHP Satellite Locations

Qur'an Hifth Program at Bostwick YMCA

Qur'an Hifth Program at Stoney Creek YMCA

Islamic Centre